Java Tetris Attack (with source)


  One of my first forays into graphics development was building a Tetris Attack prototype in Java. This program gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of the wrong ways of doing things that simply going to class won’t give you. For a few more things I learned while creating this, see my other… [Continue Reading]

Fountain of Dreams


  This is a scene inspired by the Super Smash Bros. Melee stage, Fountain of Dreams. I modelled, UV’ed and textured the scene in 2 weeks for use in my OpenGL graphics engine project. It was done using Autodesk Maya 2013 and Photoshop CS6. I hadn’t really used Maya since my time at the Art… [Continue Reading]

OpenGL / OpenCL Graphics Engine


This is an application I developed in OpenGL over a couple semester breaks (started in December 2013). Initially, I wanted to make a sandbox kind of app, however as I followed the tutorials on and attended a number of presentations about modern graphics, I became more interested in the actual development of the engines, rather than… [Continue Reading]

Fractal Applet


This is a Java application I developed during one of my breaks between school terms. It allows users to draw fractal images using an Iterated Function System (IFS). Fractals are objects that exhibit self-similarity; part of it looks like the whole, or a recurring part of it. One of the most commonly recognized fractals is… [Continue Reading]

Java Tetris Attack


To download the application or source code, view this post. So between the summer and fall terms during my time at SFU, I had two weeks to sit around my house waiting for classes to start back up. What better way to spend that time than to do some programming?! For years one of my… [Continue Reading]

Claymation Project


So when I was in high school, a series of flash movies were made of clay characters doing random things with wacky voiceovers, found here. Inspired by these videos and my father’s recently purchased digital camera, I spent over 8 hours in my room on a Saturday with a bunch of Lego and clay set… [Continue Reading]