About Me

A brief, printer-friendly copy of my resumé can be found at this link (PDF).
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My name is Todd Muirhead. I am scheduled to graduate in June 2015 with a Bachelor of Math and Computing Science. I originally started out solely as a computing science major, but later found out I had taken so many math courses that I qualified for either major, so I opted to get a joint major. In this is stark contrast to the education I received at the Art Institute of Vancouver, where I graduated with a diploma in Game Art & Design with a focus as an environment artist.

I one day hope to use this diverse education to become a technical artist, or work in a capacity where I can make projects more efficient and people’s work easier. I am at my strongest when I am working to improve something where the idea is already in place; optimizing products and services is where my strengths lie. Below is a detailed version of my resumé:

Software Knowledge:

  • Expertly versed in Java (Swing) and C++ (OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA). I’ve programmed in BASIC, Assembly, Flash Actionscript 2.0, Racket and many other languages: learning a new one is not a problem.
  • Can work in a UNIX environment.
  • Have used SVN revision control in team projects, and Git for personal works.
  • Adobe Photoshop (11 years experience)
  • Autodesk Maya (3 years experience)
  • Have used NewTek Lightwave in the past.
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS and Python.
  • Working knowledge of video editing software including Adobe Premiere and Camtasia Studio.

Non-Technical Knowledge:

  • Mathematical Expertise: Partial Differential Equations (PDEs), Graph Theory, Abstract Algebra. I enjoy solving problems. I think it is fascinating that some problems are really hard in one context, but when you look at it from another perspective, it can be solved in an easier way.
  • Computing Expertise: Graphics, Multi-threaded Systems. I’m comfortable working in engines like Unreal; I enjoy low-level programming the most because its challenging.
  • Artistic Expertise: Lighting & Composition, Colour Theory, Tools & GUI design

Employment Experience:

Simon Fraser University (2013 – Current)

  • Currently work as part of the IT Services team, where I assist users with both software and hardware-related problems, and perform equipment & A/V set ups for courses and events.
  • Organized and taught lessons for SFU Surrey’s Summer Math Camps in 2013 and 2014, on Fractal Geometry and Square Roots & Numerical Approximations, respectively.
  • Developed software that interactively draws fractal images in real-time as part of an Undergraduate Summer Research Award. It originally started as a project to disprove one of my professor’s claims in class, then they liked it so much I was given funding to continue my work.

Toys ‘R’ Us (2006 – 2012)

  • Opened and managed 2 Toys ‘R’ Us Express stores, which included hiring and training staff, creating schedules while staying on budget, among other important responsibilities.
  • After the first year of the Buyer Protection Program (extended warranties), I had the 12th highest attachment rate out of over 1400 employees across Canada.
  • Created production quality promotional materials that were used in multiple stores.
  • Worked with people in a variety of capacities

SilkStart Technology Inc. (2010)

  • Created mock-ups in Photoshop for web pages, before creating them in HTML and CSS as fully functional pages.
  • As one of the three team members at the time, I took on more responsibilities, including designing and printing posters, pamphlets and other materials for events.


Simon Fraser University (2011 – 2015)

Bachelor of Science, Math and Computer Science, Joint Major, scheduled to graduate June 2015

The Art Institute of Vancouver, Burnaby, Canada (2006 – 2008)

Diploma, Game Art & Design Program, 3D Environment Artist