Claymation Project


So when I was in high school, a series of flash movies were made of clay characters doing random things with wacky voiceovers, found here. Inspired by these videos and my father’s recently purchased digital camera, I spent over 8 hours in my room on a Saturday with a bunch of Lego and clay set out to make something similar! Little did I know exactly how tedious a project this would be and all the little details that nobody really thinks about while watching a claymation:

  • Getting the focus of the little guys just right. When you finally do get it right, you then realize that bit of fluff from the carpet has stuck to the clay and now you need to start the shot all over again.
  • Hard clay may keep its shape better, but can’t be molded or manipulated like soft clay. Unfortunately, soft clay still obeys gravity and when you try to make your character do something like a cartwheel, having it not move for a few seconds to capture an image is no easy feat.
  • Let’s say you use 24 frames a second (I think I ended up using 12): 1 minute of video is 24 * 60 = 1440 frames!  I think I squeezed 180-200 images out of my camera in those 8 hours. I can’t imagine making something like Wallace & Gromit.

Nevertheless, I think it turned out to be a really neat project I did in high school, so here it is:

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